Portable Flame-Less Heater


Premier Pump And Power manufactures two sound-attenuated trailer-mounted flameless heaters

    FH1000:  Powered by the PowerTech E 4.5L engine producing 1 million Btu of heat per hour.

        FH1500:  Powered by a higher-capacity unit driven by a Powertech Plus 6.8L engine.

      Both FH series units are safe enough to be widely accepted on Oil & Gas industry jobsites throughout              North America. There are current restrictions where flamed heaters are not permitted on drilling sites,                plus these heaters require long lengths of hose and pipe to safely deliver heat.

    Our FH series flameless heaters are designed to solve these problems because they can be safely                   positioned right where the heat is needed for maximum efficiency.

                                          Flameless Heater













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