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Come visit us at the South Texas Oilfield Expo in San Antonio, TX.

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Introducing theHD6 Pipeline Pump with Pipeline Pump exclusive features designed specifically for the rugged cross country pipeline market. "A pump as tough as the men who use it". The HD6 Pipeline Pump is an all purpose 6" pump with flows out past 2700GPM and heads to 165 feet. They are capable of passing a 3" spherical solid. With our industry leading hydraulic pump technology, these pumps have hydraulic efficiencies at BEP of 80% which correlates to lower fuel costs and a smaller Carbon Footprint than the competition. The galvanized protection cage helps protect the pump package at remote, rugged locations where they need to be moved often by crane or lift. The fuel tank is galvanized, which will never rust. The 70 gallon fuel tank allows for greater than 24 hour run time to keep refueling down to no more than once per day. Fully self contained galvanized drag skid holds any liquid that may drip or drain from the radiator, fuel tank, or engine oil to keep any of these liquids from contaminating the environment.

The pump is fully automatic and primes and re-primes itself from a totally dry condition. It runs completely unattended, if the pump loses prime, it continues to draw a vacuum until it re-primes. If it is unable to re-prime because the liquid is too low, it continues to run without damage until the liquid level is high enough to re-prime.

For information on this pump or our entire line of pumps from 2-1/2" to 24" pumps call (360) 9 or check out our web page at

HD6 Pipeline Pump
HD6 Pipeline Pump
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